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Blech v. Blech (2018) 25 Cal.App.5th 989 (rev. den. Cal. 2018)

Adam represented one of the prevailing respondents. The Court of Appeal was called upon to interpret and apply language in a trust instrument which directed the trustee to distribute certain real property to a beneficiary’s subtrust. That directive was merely a mechanism for funding that beneficiary’s residual gift, assuming the trustor still owned the property as of the trustor’s death. The reference to a specific source of funding—that certain property—did not make it a specific gift.

See Blech v. Blech (2018) 25 Cal.App.5th 989 (via Google Scholar).


In re Conservatorship of Clara Rosenthal (St. Ives v. Rosenthal)

Adam successfully represented the court-appointed conservator when a family member appealed the probate judge’s ruling granting a petition for substituted judgment.