Adam Streltzer

a boutique litigation firm providing sophisticated legal services

We handle probate, estate, trust and fiduciary litigation, with a special emphasis in creditor’s rights and judgment enforcement. Our litigation services concern the rights, duties, money and property of the deceased, incompetent, spendthrift and bankrupt. We represent a full range of litigants, including creditors, family members, fiduciaries, banks and lenders, professionals and other interested persons.

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Creditor’s Rights

Enforcement of Judgment
Creditor’s Rights in Probate Court
Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcy Court
Commercial Collections
Pre-Judgment Remedies

Trust, Probate, Estate
& Fiduciary Litigation

Interpretation of Wills and Trusts
Will and Trust Contests
Breach of Trust
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Undue Influence, Fraud and Mistake